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Call to action

The ecological transition is our horizon and our imperative, but after 30 years of disappointment, we must recognize that even if the goal is clear, the path to reaching it is not.

The digital transition is our present and our momentum but it is an aimless force, one that transforms everything it touches yet doesn't know into what.

One has a goal and no path, the other is a pathway with no goal: each of these transitions needs the other! Yet they, and their actors, interact rarely and poorly.

We call upon those who are no longer satisfied with this disjunction. We call together those who act, think, strive, invent and create at the intersection where digital and the ecology meet.

Let's put the transformative power of digital technology, practice and culture to work toward the ecological transition!

Let's make the ecological transition as inviting, disruptive, exciting, motivating - and even as addictive - as the digital transformation!

We are calling on you today to help unite these two major contemporary transitions, into one irresistible force: Transitions².

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Transitions² ison the one hand, an online, collaborative database that will gather information about individuals, groups, projects, tools, knowledge and narratives that connect digital and ecological issues. It is an open tool for:

  • Connecting those already working at the intersection of the ecology and the digital
  • Empowering people and organizations who are ready to act (at the smallest as well as the largest scale) with the best knowledge, methods, tools and techniques available
  • Supportingthe notoriety, growth, replication and/or interconnection of fruitful activities and projects

Transitions² is also a common platform for raising and taking up ambitious challenges;that invite us all to push the boundaries of what is possible, not only technically, but socially, economically, institutionally...

  • Explore together new directions for innovative action, share experiences, knowledge and insights
  • Produce open knowledge and common recommendations
  • Detect, support, or give birth to projects with strong transformative potentials
  • Create and nurture a community of innovators, activists, decision-makers, researchers, experts and visionaries