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How to Work ieee Citation Machine? Guide


Read Full How to Work ieee Citation Machine? How to cite your research in ieee format????

How to Work ieee Citation Machine? Guide

What is IEEE Citation?


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) style of referencing is the standard referencing format set by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers commonly used in technical fields by writers and editors. It is widely accepted referencing style accepted by researchers in technical fields. This style is based on Chicago Manual of Style that is one of the most widely used style guide in the United States.

The IIIE Citation has three main features that include author’s first name or initials along with the last name; the title of the article in quotation mark and title of the journal or book in italics. There are a different format of each source type in this style, for instance, the website should be formatted differently to an article or book. These conventions allow the reader to distinguish between the types of a reference at first look.  In IEEE Citation the numbers

How to cite in IEEE Style


When writing a piece of academic work, any source which has been used must be acknowledged by writing a brief in- text citation to avoid plagiarism. IEEE style is a numeric style, where the citation should be numbered and included in the square bracket before any punctuation. There should be a single space before the opening of the square bracket. If the citation has to appear multiple times in the text then the same citation number should be used from the first instance. The author’s name should appear as the first initial followed by the last name. Once a source has been cited, the same number is used in all the succeeding references. Writing any additional bibliographical information such as page number, author’s name, publication dates, etc., in the in-text citation should be avoided. A separate page of reference list or bibliography should be placed at the end of the papers in order they were cited and not in the alphabetical order. Enough information of the source should be provided to the reader in reference paper. Different style formats should be used depending upon the types of referencing sources, for instance, the title of an article is to be enclosed in quotation marks, whereas the title of books and journals should appear in italics.

According to some technical writing experts, IEEE Citation is considered to be the most difficult style to learn. There are a several IEEE citation machine available on the internet that enables the users to create the references in just a click and saves a lot of time. 

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