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Active Mobilities

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Denis Pansu

By Denis Pansu

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What if cycling became the focus of innovative services and uses, contributing to sustainability as well as job creation?

Active Mobilities

The Challenge

Cycling, be it on its own or in conjunction with other means of transport, is emblematic of new kinds of “active mobility”. Digital tools have spontaneously been called upon to facilitate its growing use in cities. Cycling explores new uses of the city, redraws public space, generates new needs. In turn, connected objects open up new prospects for this form of mobility.

The “Innovation in Active Mobilities Challenge” intends to help innovative associations between cycling and digital uses emerge. It identifies projects that explore this mix in a fertile way, evaluates their potential for value and job creation, and helps the most promising ones move from idea to experimentation.:


By :Club des villes et territoires cyclablesand Fingwith;The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)

 Club des villes et territoires cyclables   ADEME   Fing

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