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Rescom : une plateforme logicielle pour l'écologie industrielle

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Daniel Kaplan

By Daniel Kaplan

Link to an online resource : http://www.rescoms.eu

"From linear to closed-loop manufacturing" : une plateforme logicielle pour faciliter l'économie circulaire dans l'industrie (écologie industrielle)

Rescom : une plateforme logicielle pour l'écologie industrielle

From linear to closed-loop manufacturing

Transforming waste into valuable resources is a high priority in today’s global economy. ResCoM is an European Commission co-funded project working on the development of closed-loop product systems. The project will focus on some of the key ways to do this including remanufacturing, reuse and multiple lifecycles. Creating a lifecycle management software platform is central to the implementation of closed-loop manufacturing systems. This kind of system has the potential to deliver significant improvements in resource performance.

ResCoM uses a “system” approach, understanding that management decisions must be taken based on their systemic impact. These strands are all dynamically interrelated and should be considered as a whole.

1. Design: design methodologies for multiple lifecycles
2. Supply chains: integrated forward and reverse supply chains solutions that can handle the dynamics of multiple lifecycles
3. Business models: innovative business models that unlock added value through the application of closed-loop principles
4. Technology: collaborative product lifecycle management software platform designed to manage multiple lifecycles and supported by access to material databases, remanufacturing technologies and best practices

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