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Manon Molins

By Manon Molins

Link to an online resource : https://showerloop.org/ ( French)

Réutiliser l'eau en temps réel


"Get in the shower and select your desired water temperature on a small screen. Once you press start, water begins to flow just like in a normal shower, the difference is that instead of the water being wasted by letting it go down the drain, it's collected and pumped though several filters:

  1. Screen filter: like the one you have in a kitchen sink to remove hair and large objects and to protect the pump. A gravity filter can also be utilised here
  2. Micro-fiber/geo-textile: mostly to keep in the filtrate materials but also works like the mesh filter
  3. Sand: to filter out particles
  4. Activated carbon: to clarify the water, remove colour, smell and chemicals
  5. Ultraviolet light: to sterilise the water from potentially harmful bacteria


After passing through the filters the water is clear, clean and bacteria free and ready to be pumped back into the shower head. A small electrical resistor can be used to reheat the water to your set temperature. When you are done the water goes down the drain like normal or you can use the water for something else, like doing your laundry or flushing the toilet to save even more water."

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