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There’s Vast Untapped Potential for Solar Rooftops in the US, Says Google

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David Bourguignon

By David Bourguignon

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Google’s Project Sunroof has expanded its coverage enormously.

There’s Vast Untapped Potential for Solar Rooftops in the US, Says Google


Google says that if these top 10 cities were able to reach their potential, they would be able to generate enough electricity to power 8 million homes. So what’s holding these cities back? Likely a mix of policy, economics and financing, as well as a lack of information, education and interest.

Project Sunroof can help with the marketing process by sending leads to solar installers like Vivint Solar, SolarCity and Sunrun. Google’s Conkling says that Google doesn’t currently make any money on generating leads for these companies and at this point has no plans to make Project Sunroof more commercially oriented.

While Conkling wouldn’t speculate on future plans for Project Sunroof, he said: “We feel like we’ve put some good data and tools out there...but there’s a lot more that we can do for people who are exploring solar.”

Source: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/theres-vast-untapped-potential-for-solar-rooftops-in-the-us-says-google

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