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Open Source Beehives

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Manon Molins

By Manon Molins

Link to an online resource : http://opensourcebeehives.net/ ( French)

Ruches faites-maison, connectées et open source

Open Source Beehives

"Bee Colony Decline
Every year, 33% of all bee colonies fail for mysterious reasons. We need to uncover why.

A Citizen Science Solution
- We're building a global and truly open network of concerned citizens who are working together to identify the causes of this issue.

Open Source Hardware & Data
- We're developing open source sensor kits that can track a number of hive metrics from temperature, humidity, to a host of others.

Natural Beekeeping
We've used digital manufacturing techniques to create a number of CNC routable beehives that are natural and healthy homes for your bees."


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