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Factor 4 Innovation: A Transitions² "Challenge"

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Identifying the role of radical innovation in the pursuit of the ecological transition: A collective challenge

Factor 4 Innovation: A Transitions² "Challenge"

Keeping the Earth's average temperature increase below 2°C will require extraordinarily profound systemic change, and a delicate balancing act between public policy, innovation (technical, organizational, usage, business model), and behavioral changes.

In order to raise up to the challenge, we need to change how we think, act, move, produce, consume, trade... We need innovation - but not any kind of innovation: Radical innovation whose "value proposition" integrates an ecological impact that is profound ("Factor 4", "zero emissions/waste etc.", "net positive energy" etc.), broad (scalable) and lasting (robust to "rebound effects").

We call it "Factor 4 Innovation".

>> The term "Factor 4" is a simple (albeit simplistic) way to illustrate the extent of the transformations needed to limit climate change: reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to one quarter of their current levels by 2050, through a combination of reducing energy requirements and substituting fossil fuels with renewable energies.

Within the framework of the Transitions² program, we want to invite you on an expedition in search of Factor 4 Innovation. Together, we will seek to answer three main questions:

  1. What role do innovation and entrepreneurship play in an ecological transition of such magnitude?
  2. What are the distinguishing characteristics of a "Factor 4" innovation?
  3. How can we drive innovation – and innovators – in this direction?

Learn more on What we mean by Factor 4 Innovation

Help us identify radical innovations in the pursuit of the ecological transition !










>> Learn more on What we mean by Factor 4 Innovation

>> Call: Contribute to the search for Factor 4 Innovation


Innovation "Facteur 4" : l'innovation à impact au service de l'écologie

Innovation "Facteur 4" : l'innovation à impact au service de l'écologie
Daniel Kaplan

By Daniel Kaplan

Cette collection rassemble les ressources, référentiels, travaux de recherche... qui s'intéressent à la place de l'innovation dans la transition écologique.

Elle s'est constituée autour du "défi" Innovation Facteur 4 lancé en 2016.
L'idée de ce travail : comprendre et outiller les innovations dont la "proposition de valeur" intègre un impact écologique profond ("facteur 4", "zéro émissions/déchets etc.", "énergie positive"etc.), large (passage à l'échelle) et de long terme.

Ce défi s'est conclu par une publication finale : "Le référentiel Innovation Facteur 4".

La publication finale qui synthétise l'ensemble des travaux de Transitions² sur l'innovation et la transition écologique.

Le premier appel en vue d'identifier les contours de l'innovation Facteur 4

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