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OEEX - Open Energy Exchange

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Daniel Kaplan

By Daniel Kaplan

Link to an online resource : http://www.oeex.org/en ( English)

Open Energy Exchange enables you to use renewable power from producers in your neighborhood

OEEX - Open Energy Exchange

"Green electricity is often available at times, when we need little power. This leads to shutdown of wind and and solar power plants in order to prevent overloading our power grids. With the OEEX solution you can change that situation and easily use locally produced green power at times when it is available. If you don’t do it, this green power will get lost.


Open the OEEX app and connect yourself easily with power generators in your neighborhood


Manual Option: If there is enough green power available in your proximity, you can switch on your household appliances by hand.

Automatic Option: With the OEEX solar plug household appliances are switched on automatically when there is enough green energy available.


Green power is good for the environment, because you use automatically less nuclear and coal power. Join us and use super easy green power today. Feel good, feel green and become an Open Energy Exchanger.


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