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Current by GE: Welcome to the Energized Future

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Daniel Kaplan

By Daniel Kaplan

Link to an online resource : http://www.currentbyge.com/ ( English)

Activating the transition to a 21st century ecosystem by helping companies redefine the way they use energy and data technologies

Current by GE: Welcome to the Energized Future

An "internal startup" within GE that intends to "pave the way for new and exciting ways to catalyze the energy sector" by mixing alternative sources of energy, data, and "industrial Internet" solutions:

  • Reduce

    Cut down on energy costs and consumption by switching to energy-saving technology like LEDs.

  • Produce

    Become more energy independent by adopting on-site generation like solar and combined heat and power.

  • Shift

    Use energy storage, electric vehicle charging and demand response to reduce energy costs and carbon footprints.

  • Optimize

    Harness data insights from the Industrial Internet to improve performance, create efficiencies and plan for the future.

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