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What if digital tools and methods became the engines of local ecological transitions, empowering their stakeholders, facilitating participation and decision-making, networking and scaling projects?

Though often overwhelming at a global level, ecological issues are easier to grapple locally, and local solutions can then connect at larger scales: acting local is part and parcel of global thinking. However, the vast diversity of ambitious, inspiring local initiatives is not producing global changes. In the areas of energy, mobility, food systems, housing, waste, manufacturing and repair, examples abound, whose potential remains underexploited. The ActLocal challenge intends to enrich the toolbox of those who work on the ecological transition of their territory with digital tools, uses, cultures and methods:

  • How can digital help define and drive the energy and ecological transition of cities and regions? Where is it part of the solution, where is it part of the problem as well?
  • What ecological transition processes could be radically transformed and accelerated by leveraging the power of the digital?

BY:  Des communautés locales et la Fing


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