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Louis-David Benyayer

Par Louis-David Benyayer

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What if open business models fostered ecological transition ?


What are we talking about


In many sectors or industries, open models gain traction, with positive consequences in terms of innovation and access to knowledge. However, the positive environnemental effects of such models are taken for granted without considering the negative effects (open source SUV) or rebound effects.

This project will : 

  • analyse the open models that explicitly target positive ecological effects
  • identify the main contribution of open models to sustainability and the conditions for their scalability

Who coordinates


Without model.

Time frame : November 2015 - March 2016

Contributions and discussions will be synthesized in a publication in 2016.

How to contribute


You know a project or an initiative, you have and idea ? Share it in the "discussion" below.



Without Model

    • George Aitken
      George Aitken

      The objective of eco-efficiency methodologies is to keep up or increment the value of economic yield while at the same time diminishing the effect of economic activity upon ecological systems. At last, the notion looks at assignment writing service economic development from environmental damages.

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