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The Role of SEO in Wikipedia Articles

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Wikipedia page creation and promotion

The Role of SEO in Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is more than any platform to get information from, as in the present time, it is used as a powerful marketing tool by most businesses all across the globe. It may not allow promotional publications but its ability to always securing higher rankings on popular search engines, has given it the ability to be a dominant advertising platform.

Wikipedia enables users to edit content published or written by anyone but there are a certain guidelines that need to be followed. Content should not have promotional aspects, should maintain a neutral tone and have adequate references to authentic external sources. Wikipedia has thousands of registered administrators and editors who govern the site on a regular basis, making sure no rules or policies have been violated.

As mentioned earlier, Wikipedia is more than an encyclopedia; it is a platform, which gives credibility to your organization on a global scale. It contributes more to SEO strategies as compared to other Wiki based websites. No matter what you search about, a Wikipedia entry on any search engine is bound to be there.

Most professional Wikipedia editors, make use of SEO and reputation management for higher SERPs. By making use of Wikipedia, editors do not have the need to search for relevant keywords or create their client’s repute on the internet from scratch. The pros to having a Wikipedia page is mostly concerned with the visibility of your business. Whenever someone searches for your company and a Wikipedia page for it is displayed on any search engine, it gives users more reliability and credibility about your business.

Let alone search engine optimization, Wikipedia also provides businesses an added factor to strong reputation management without the effort. It provides its users a standalone reputation to enhance your reputation on the internet. To have an article about yourself or your business, you need to be notably significant.

 For your business to have a Wikipedia page, it should have enough external sources present on the internet. Moreover, such sources should not be from your personal website or blogs instead they should be from reliable and credible editors or web platforms. 

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