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Fab City Global Initiative

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Daniel Kaplan

By Daniel Kaplan

Link to an online resource : http://fab.city/ ( English)

A FAB City is a new urban model for locally productive and globally connected self sufficient cities

Fab City Global Initiative

The Fab City Initiative has been initiated by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms and the Fab Foundation; it operates within the Fab Lab network, using it as "a global infrastructure and knowledge source for the radical transformation on how we work, live and play in cities":

In a Fab City, citizens are empowered to be the masters of their own destiny, their resilience is increased and a more ecological system is developed because movement of materials and energy consumption is drastically reduced.

The first cities and regions to join the networks are: Barcelona, Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, Ekurhuleni, Kerala, Georgia, Shenzhen, Amsterdam

The goal set for... 2054, is for the Fab Cities to ecome "Self-sufficient cities", with the following characteristics:

  • Cities produce at least 50% of what they consume
  • A global repository of open source designs for city solutions
  • Materials are sourced locally through recycling and digital materials


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