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Metabolic, "a systems consulting and cleantech development firm"

Acteur : Entreprise
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Daniel Kaplan

Par Daniel Kaplan

Lien vers une ressource en ligne : http://www.metabolic.nl ( Anglais)

Territoire : Amsterdam, Netherlands

Research, do, advise, experiment... on "metabolic", resilient, entrepreneurial projects towards deep sustainability

Metabolic, "a systems consulting and cleantech development firm"

A company, a Foundation and a Lab working on the "metabolism" of the human economy and its relationship with the biosphere:

Metabolic was founded in 2012 with the mission to transition the global economy towards a fundamentally sustainable state:

  1. Fix the metabolism of the human economy so that it is no longer in conflict with the functioning of the biosphere.
  2. Create sustainable resource security for all people, laying the foundation for their freedom and self-actualization.
  3. Support the rapid development of entrepreneurial organizations that seek to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and circular economy.




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